Soya Refined Oil

'Soyug Gold'
Refined Soyabean Oil.

In a dedicated pursuit of delivering superior cooking oil to consumers, our company has heavily invested in extensive research and product development. This commitment has culminated in the introduction of the renowned ‘Soyug Gold’ Refined Soyabean Oil.

Hygienically Processed and packed by automatic filling machines

Soyug Gold 5 ltr & 15 ltrJar


Soyug Gold 1 ltr & 2 ltr Bottle


Soyug Gold 500 ml 1 ltr Pouch


Soyug Gold 15 ltr & 15 kg Tin

'Soyug Gold' Refined Soyabean Oil.

Sr. No.CharacteristicRequirements
1Color in 5¼ inch cell on Lovibond scale as (Y+5R)13Unit Max
2Free fatty acid as oleic acid0.10% Max
3Moisture and volitle0.10% Max
4Peroxide value0.50-1.50Meq/kg
6Iodine value120-141
7Saponification value189-195
8Unsaponifiable matter1.00%Max
9Refractive index at 40°c1.4650 to 1.4671
10Unsaturated Fat (MUFA/PUFA)85%
11Saturated Fat15%
12Free from Adulteration and Argemone